Director/animation: Ivana Jurić
Composer: Kruno Domaćinović
Stop motion, 4min, 2016


Through the video “Déjà vu”  I question whether ours/my past is a memory or history… The border is almost invisible and depends on observer’s angle of view. Our memories are painful, but history is always glorious and above all concerned with what has passed. On the other hand memories, while less discussed are actual, living and can still be sensed.

French historian Pierre Nora explains that memories (remembrance) and history aren’t synonyms, but opposed concepts; he writes about memories as life, passed on through the living people, in permanent evolution, sensitive to appropriation and manipulation, subject to long periods of rest and a sudden revival, while history is always problematic and incomplete reconstruction of the past.

The focus of “Déjà vu” is on childhood  (every doll in the film represents an important woman from my life - grandmother, mother and sister), remembering images from my own life, from earliest days and visiting places where I think I used to play. Were those experiences real, or have I fantasized about them to fill in the holes of an imaginary scenario of what is to my mind acceptable history… 


Director: Ivana Jurić
Screenwriter: Ivana Jurić
Animation: Ivana Jurić
Composer: Adam Semijalac
Dir of Photography: Miro Šimeg
Editor. Ivana Jurić
Actress: Ivana Ognjanovac
Painting: "Tree of Life" by JUFI 
Stop-motion, 8min, 2014

Production: KINORAMA

What is paradise? Where it is? Who am I? Where is the joy of living? It takes courage to live your own path every day, it takes courage to be yourself. The Pupa is a story about the courage. Journey from a safe cocoon, transformation necessary to find one's own way and one's own self, and the return of the renewed self into the world. The journey we undertake alone, relying only on our own strength, the journey we make every day. Maybe that is paradise - to be complete, the way you are, wherever you are; to be yourself. 


Director: Ivana Jurić 
Screenwriter: Ivana Jurić
Animation: Ivana Jurić
Stop - motion, 5min, 2011
Production: KINORAMA

A hotel room. A woman doll is waiting for the call from her lover doll. His arrival and their sexual intercourse are like a ritual for her, wihch takes her into a floating, pleasing state of mind. She opens herself to the man through sex, while the man doll considers it all as relieving himself, after which he just vanishes into thin air. The doll remains alone in the empty room, dissapointed and hurt.

"I / JA"
Director: Ivana Jurić
Animation: Ivana Jurić
Technique: stop motion
Year: 2008.
Sexual identity is the subject of 
the film "I". The protagonist is a
woman trapped in a man's body.
Striving to free from the body, the
voyager undertakes a trip to the
world of fiction.